Thank You for Holding
Tina Havelock Stevens
Tina Havelock Stevens, Thank You for Holding, 2020
Tina Havelock Stevens drums on a raised platform – a raft drawn from pillar to post by her co-performer, Ivey Wawn. Adrift on land, the two performers navigate the rhythms of uncertainty and the chaos of loss and change.

Tina Havelock Stevens conceived her video installation Thank You for Holding amidst the relentless tides of anxiety that characterised 2020. Performed in The Clothing Store at Carriageworks last August, her work frames this moment through a filter of timelessness, uncertainty, and hope. As audiences disperse and disassemble for collective safety in a pandemic, the band plays on, solo.
Curatorial Essay:
Thank You for Holding


Sydney Festival 2021


6 January –
24 January 2021


Daniel Mudie Cunningham