Flaming Muses
Various Artists
José Da Silva & Tim Plaisted, Flaming Muses, 2002
Heterosexual artist couples feature heavily in the recent past of pop culture and art history: John and Yoko, Frida and Diego to name a few. Flaming Muses presents a group of dynamic queer artist couples and examines how their relationships affect their art practices.

Combining installation, painting, photography and video, Flaming Muses includes Ron Adams and George Adams' large multi-panel painting Voss, inspired by the epic landscape of Patrick White’s life and work. In their video installation, Jane Trengove and Susan Long feminise the macho modernist connotations of a paintbrush at work, and queer traditional notions of the muse.

Scott Redford and Lyell Bary present a text painting collaboration which refects their obsession with athlete Ian Thorpe. José Da Silva and Tim Plaisted experience a sexualised power struggle in their new chess-inspired installation Takes King. Monika Tichacek and Emma Price unveil Intravenous, a video projection that digitally reconfigures the classical Madonna and Child as a compelling medical scenario performed by the artists, while Amanda James and Jen Skattebol's photo essay documents the journey of their son’s IVF birth.

Ron Adams & George Adams
José Da Silva & Tim Plaisted
Amanda James & Jen Skattebol
Scott Redford & Lyell Bary
Monika Tichacek & Emma Price
Jane Trengove & Susan Long
Curatorial Essay:
Flaming Muses

Performance Space

Mardi Gras Festival 2002


12 February –
16 March 2002


Daniel Mudie Cunningham