Exhibition, Performance
Cherine Fahd
Cherine Fahd, Ecdysis, 2019-21
Photo: Zan Wimberley
Ecdysis is a scientific term describing the process by which reptiles shed their skin to allow for new growth. Cherine Fahd’s video installation brings together forty-four largescale video portraits of women of different ages and walks of life, engaged in an act of struggle and surrender with the artist. Luminously projected in a darkened space, the shedding of skin suggested by these portraits raises tensions between control and release, bringing us to the precipice of transformation. Each subject’s performance tells a different story spanning resistance and acceptance, tenderness and strength, authority and vulnerability.
Curatorial Essay:


Co-commissioned by Carriageworks and Performance Space

Sydney Festival 2022


17 November 2021 – 

30 January 2022


Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Jeff Khan