Public Art
Untitled (Red Gum Slabs)
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones, untitled (red gum slabs), 2019
Photo: Brett Boardman
untitled (red gum slabs) responds directly to Eveleigh’s railway history and Aboriginal heritage. The timber and railway industries historically employed Aboriginal people, with the railway providing the physical means for many Aboriginal people to come to Sydney in search of a better life. In this way the railway network has been an important network for many Aboriginal people, connecting the city and the country. The old red gum slabs that Jonathan Jones has sourced were originally harvested in the Koondrook/Barham region on the Murray River, some 100 years ago. The New South Wales timber industry in this region supplied the railway sleepers used throughout the state. In untitled (red gum slabs), the placement of the slabs echoes the railway lines while their natural shapes talk to the internal architectural treatment of the building, reminding us of our past.

South Eveleigh

Commissioned by Mirvac in partnership with Carriageworks


2019 –


Hetti Perkins
Daniel Mudie Cunningham