Time Portrait
Lee Serle
Lee Serle, Time Portrait, 2019
Photo: Dean Francis
Time Portrait is a site-responsive work developed by Lee Serle during an artist residency at the Clothing Store at Carriageworks. Serle re-examines his archive of solo choreography of the last decade, extracting and recontextualising fragments from these works against the historical resonances of the site.

Director: Lee Serle
Performers: Younès Guilmot, Lee Serle, Wendy Yu
Film: Dean Francis
Sound Composition: Alisdair Macindoe
First creative development: March 2019

Time Portrait was turned into a full length work presented at the Substation, Melbourne, 26-29 October 2022.
Curatorial Essay:
Time Portrait



March 2019


Daniel Mudie Cunningham