Radiant Flux
Rebecca Baumann
Rebecca Baumann, Radiant Flux, 2020
Photo: Zan Wimberley
Radiant Flux is artist Rebecca Baumann’s site-specific response to the unique light, space and architecture of the Carriageworks building. Spanning over one-hundred metres in length, Baumann has covered every glass surface of the Carriageworks exterior and skylights in dichroic film, a dynamic material that shifts colour when viewed from different angles and transmits the opposite chromatic spectrum to what it reflects.

The result is a spectacular immersion into a kaleidoscopic world of colour and light that responds continuously to the environmental conditions around it. Baumann’s practice oscillates between states of precision and variance, permanence and impermanence. An encounter with Radiant Flux will never be the same twice.


Sydney Festival 2020


8 January –
14 June 2020

Project Director:

Daniel Mudie Cunningham


Beatrice Gralton