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Let's Talk About Text
Various Artists
Miriam Kelly & Daniel Mudie Cunningham with Alice Lang's The Shits for Concrete Playground, 2017
Photo: Steven Woodburn
Let’s Talk About Text presents work from the Artbank collection that harness text based communication as a pictorial device. From sloganeering statements to vernacular fragments and found fonts, this exhibition focuses on how artists respond to and encourage the visual pleasure of inventive typographic forms for personal and political ends.

Angela Cavalieri
Sarah Contos
Lane Cormick
John Demos
Peter Dudding
Emily Floyd
Newell Harry
Thomas Jeppe
Alice Lang
Clinton Nain
Nasim Nasr
Rose Nolan
Anthony Johnson
Eugenia Raskopoulos



16 March –
16 June 2017


Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Miriam Kelly