Exhibition, Online
Invocation Trilogy
Kuba Dorabialski
Kuba Dorabialski, Invocation Trilogy 3: Connection of the Sticks, 2021
Conceived through the lens of his biographical ties to Eastern Europe, Kuba Dorabialski’s Invocation Trilogy is a series of videos that reflect on language, politics, and cultural memory. Beginning in 2017 with the award-winning Floor Dance of Lenin’s Resurrection, Dorabialski set the tone with a narrative that blends history with fiction and the absurd. Leaning heavily on cinematic tradition, the trilogy pulls focus on the turbulent history and fraught boundaries of Eastern Europe from the perspective of a deeply invested onlooker, while embracing and challenging its clichés and stereotypes.

Invocation Trilogy was installed at Carriageworks but never opened to the public due to Sydney's Covid-19 lockdowns of 2021. The exhibition migrated online.
Curatorial Essay:
Invocation Trilogy



18 August –
24 October 2021


Daniel Mudie Cunningham