Public Art
Happy Rain
Nell, Happy Rain, 2019
Over more than two decades, Sydney based artist Nell has fashioned a unique body of work concerned with the human condition. Expressed with elegant simplicity, Nell’s work is a curious enquiry into the complexities of life and death, day and night, yin and yang, sun and rain, happy and sad. Installed on the façade of Yerrabingin House, Happy Rain utilises the image of a smiling cloud emitting raindrops. This simple and universally recognisable imagery, rendered with the immediacy of an emoticon, invites viewers to reflect on the relationship between weather, environment and mood, as well as the constancy of the natural world within and around our built environments. The use of a smile in a form often reserved for sadness, gives a sense of optimism and hope – a perfect complement to Nell’s Eveleigh Treehouse, situated across the way on Eveleigh Green.

South Eveleigh

Commissioned by Mirvac in partnership with Carriageworks


7 December 2019 –