Public Art
Eveleigh Treehouse
Nell with Cave Urban
Nell with Cave Urban, Eveleigh Treehouse, 2019
Photo: Nelson Cortez
A tree house is reminiscent of childhood, a utopian place of imagination, observation and haven from the adult world. Built from wood and steel, Eveleigh Treehouse responds to the history and character of the site’s former incarnation as the Eveleigh Railway Workshops. For artist Nell, it also embodies a personal connection as her great-grandfather worked at Eveleigh as a boilermaker from 1931-1952. The two pod like forms are whimsical and anthropomorphic, each bearing a face, spirit, and personality. They speak to something universal to the human psyche – a yearning for nature and joy, protection and play. Directly referencing the architectural forms of Locomotive Workshop buildings of South Eveleigh and Carriageworks, it is as if the forms have come alive, stood up on their steel legs and walked over to where they stand today: nestled in the gum trees of Eveleigh Green. The bodies of Eveleigh Treehouse were made from hundreds of forged steel gum leaves. Each leaf was made on site at Eveleigh Works during community workshops led by Nell and Cave Urban, using Victorian blacksmithing techniques. Conceived as a new site of belonging for adults and children alike, Eveleigh Treehouse is a whimsical retreat from the bustle of our daily lives.

South Eveleigh

Commissioned by Mirvac in partnership with Carriageworks


2019 –


Daniel Mudie Cunningham