Down the Line
Ildiko Kovacs
Ildiko Kovacs, Serpentine, 1999
Collection: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Ildiko Kovacs: Down the Line 19802010 surveys 30 years of striking art works produced by the leading Australian painter, with key works loaned from notable public and private collections. Down the Line unveiled the motivation of line in Kovacs’s practice, its unique connection to colour and how it endures as the key element to generate form and meaning. Kovacs describes the line as a metaphor for landscape as well as a personification of her own nature. Over the years, she has developed a graphic visual language drawn from abstraction’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous ties. The line has taken time to materialise and evolve in Kovacs work. Earlier paintings exemplify an artist committed to developing a unique and intuitive visual language, while also responding to the influence of various Australian painters.
Curatorial Essay:
Ildiko Kovacs: Down the Line

Hazelhurst Arts Centre


13 May –
3 July 2011


Daniel Mudie Cunningham