Kuba Dorabialski
Kuba Dorabialski, Crying with all the other cry babies, 2023
What does it mean to be homesick on colonised land? 

Kuba Dorabialski’s Crying is an exhibition of photographs, sculpture, and video that explores themes of unabashed emotion, romantic love, geographic and cultural displacement, and starlings, an invasive bird species introduced into Australia in the 19th century.

Taking the structure of a fictional documentary, Crying tells the story of a Polish migrant living on Wiradjuri Country and the bittersweet process of her assimilation into an emotive landscape teeming with so many of the markers of European imperialism. An ode to the unique rural terrain of the Central West of New South Wales, Crying continues the Polish-born Sydney-based artist’s abiding interests in language, mysticism, political history and the personal poetic.

Exhibition documentation to come.
Curatorial Essay:

Verge Gallery
Orange Regional Gallery


17 August –
22 September 2023
Verge Gallery

15 June –
25 August 2024
Orange Regional Gallery


Daniel Mudie Cunningham