Various Artists
Frumpus in cLUB bENT
Photo: Phil Erbacher
cLUB bENT is bACK uP! From 1995–1998, PSpace first hosted cLUB bENT – raucous evenings of kinetic transformation where audiences would feast on a smorgasbord of work from the crucible of our collective outlier madness. Spawning Love Child, Taboo Parlour, Unbecomings, Quick & Dirty, Day for Night and Queer Nu Werk, cLUB bENT’s offspring continues to challenge, celebrate and devise new ways of being. For one night only, PSpace has called up a mix of original 90s and new provocateurs for a queer conversation across time. cLUB bENT’s original Euphoria Guardians, Victoria Spence, Groovii Biscuit and Daniel Mudie Cunningham, invite us back into the underworld of our embodied queerness. Summoning the wisdoms and courage of our prophets, priestesses, renegades and iconoclasts of today and yesteryear to divine what is ‘bENT’ in 2023, and how far bACK are we all willing to go to find out?

Kerry Bashford 
Mathew Bergan
Paul Cordeiro 
Nick Delatovic
Moira Finucane
Jamie James
Barbara Karpinski
Jamaica Moana & Fetu Taku
Reuby Roo
Micah Rustichelli
Nini Voss
Dean Walsh
DJ Gemma

Performance Space

Liveworks 2023


28 October 2023


Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Victoria Spence
Groovii Biscuit