Exhibition, Performance
All Auras Touch
Kate Mitchell
Kate Mitchell, All Auras Touch, 2020
Photo: Zan Wimberley
All Auras Touch is a snapshot of contemporary Australia revealed through the process of photographing human energy fields, otherwise known as auras. Taking the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations as the starting point, artist Kate Mitchell will photograph the aura of one person for each of the 1,023 recognised occupations.

Using electromagnetic field imaging equipment, participants of All Auras Touch will have their aura portrait taken by the artist. Each aura portrait will then form part of an expansive installation presented by Carriageworks. All Auras Touch reminds us that we are all energetic beings made up of the same matter.


Sydney Festival 2020


8 January –
1 March 2020

Project Director:

Daniel Mudie Cunningham


Beatrice Gralton
Aarna Fitzgerald Hanley