Space YZ online exhibition brand based on a vintage map of Kingswood campus at Western Sydney University

Prior to opening at Campbelltown Arts Centre in January 2021, this online platform was launched as a dynamic extension of Space YZ, curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham. Expanding upon the narratives in the exhibition, this website was instrumental in highlighting the influence this Fine Arts Faculty held. In the lead up to and over the course of the exhibition, this site feature commissioned texts and reflections from students, artists, academics and teachers from the school, as well as 'yearbook' artist profiles. The site gives access to the abundance of engaging archival material, graduation catalogues, images and video content, as well as the unique Foundation Studies projects undertaken by first year students.

Editor/Curator: Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Contributing Writers: Michael Dagostino, Barney Glover, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Jenny Bisset, David Hull, José Da Silva, Elin Howe, George Tillianakis, Tony Schwensen, Eric Riddler, Sari Kivinen, Ben Denham, Diego Bonetto, Greg Ferris, Jessica Olivieri, Helen Grace, Ebony Secombe, Susan McInerney, Melissa Chiu, Emily Morandini, Terry Hayes.

Contributing Artists: Jemima Aitchison, Kay Andonopoulos, Brook Andrew, Liam Benson, Drew Bickford, Diego Bonetto, Anna Boros, Darryl Brown, Kat Brown, Kate Brown, Samuel Bruce, Ana Carter, T.R. Carter, Josie Cavallaro, Claire Conroy, Karen Coull, Emma Crimmings, Jen Cuthbert, Dagmur Cyrulla, Sandra Daley, Fiona Davies, Ben Denham, Mary Donnelly, Ryan Dunshea, Joe Ernsten, Greg Ferris, Peter Fitzpatrick, Sam Formosa, Stephen Fox, Andrew Gadow, Paul Greedy, Daniel Green, Vicki Hersey, Tim Hilton, Di Holdsworth, Elin Howe, Robin Hungerford, Nancy Hunt, Jon Hunter, Lucas Ihlein, Harley Ives, Rosemary Jackson, Anne Kay, Daniel Kojta, Jennifer Leahy, Erna Lilje, Michael Lindeman, Ivan Lisyak, Stephen Little, Gary Makin, Luis Martinez, Susan McInerney, Geraldine Mills, Emily Morandini, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Peter Newman, Audrey Newton, Kusum Normoyle, Vaughan Wozniak-O’Connor, Catherine O’Donnell, Naomi Oliver, Miguel Olmo, Raquel Ormella, Brendan Penzer, Tamarah Quelch Niccol, Melissa Ramos, Emma Rooney, Tony Schwensen, Michelle Seamons, Ebony Secombe, John South, Ben Tankard, Sherna Teperson, Kim Thomson, George Tillianakis, Telly Tuita, Suzann Victor, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Angela Vozzo, Jon Wah, Regina Walter, Vincent Watson, Alex White, Paul White, Davida Wiley, Justene Williams, Jonathan Wilson, Anastasia Zaravinos.

Map of Kingswood Campus, Western Sydney University, 1993

Editor, curator, writer and artist for online archive companion to Space YZ at Campbelltown Arts Centre, featuring commissioned essays and retrospective yearbook posts from 88 alumni artists.

Published by Campbelltown Arts Centre in 2021.