Troll, 1993
Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Troll, 1993
Made in first year at art school, Troll is a ‘horror film’ shot on the rooftop carpark at Hurstville Station with friends Michelle Seamons and Herbert Ng, while invoking Björk via a sample from The Sugarcubes’ ‘Take Some Petrol Darling’. 

Troll is juvenilia at best, notable only in that it hatched a video art practice immersed in pop songs and music video aesthetics. 

VHS single channel video with sound, 4:3, 3:18 min
Performers: Michelle Seamons, Herbert Ng
Sample: ‘Take Some Petrol Darling’, The Sugarcubes, 1988
Filmed on location at Hurstville train station carpark
Group exhibitions:
Honey, AFI Cinema (then Chauvel), 1993