The Jodie Foster Archive, 1996–2012
Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Meeting Jodie Foster, 2001
The Jodie Foster Archive is a collection of live performances, video works, research materials and related ephemera produced and collated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham between 1996 and 2012. Across the archive, Cunningham toys with Foster’s public and private persona and his own affective attachments to the celebrity. Cunningham is a self-confessed fan, and the archive operates as an assortment of memorabilia and his childhood recollections of the actress, who represented the kind of older sister he always wanted but never had. Each work becomes an opportunity to explore his enduring fascination with fandom, celebrity culture, and the rewiring of gender through drag and performance. Using modes of satire to appropriate, resist and distort Foster’s public image, Cunningham takes pleasure in the gossip, innuendo, and speculation surrounding Foster and her resistance to being ‘queered’. 
Solo exhibitions:
Oh Industry, MOP Projects, 2009
Jodie Foster's Beaver, Performance Space & Surry Hills Library, 2011
Dear Jodie, Serial Space, 2011
Are You There? Wollongong Art Gallery, 2023
Group exhibitions:
cLUB bENT, Performance Space, 1996 
Bent Western Live, Blacktown Arts Centre, 2008