Repeats, 2000
Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Repeats (Deborah Mailman), 2000
Photo: Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Repeats is like a slide show of sorts, which incorporates a soundtrack of answering machine messages accompanied by a stylised sequence appropriating known images from film history. Eleven different narratives characterise the work, each one featuring the person who left the voice message. Comprised entirely of still photography and sound, Repeats takes many of its cues from Chris Marker’s film La Jetée ­– a landmark experimental short made almost entirely from still images.

Performers: Amanda Cunningham, Drew Bickford, Victoria Spence, Sam Bloch, Todd Rayner, Sarah Hocking, Giles Morton, Julianne Pierce, Mark Hughes, Herbert Ng, Tim Hilton, Erna Lilje, Chris Cao, Ricardo Peach, William Yang, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Catherine White, Ken Crozier, Don Cameron, Deborah Mailman, Janneke Arent, Paulina Antwi, Madhu Hotop, Nikki Ramos, Nawal Silfani, Joanne Tan, Isabella Reich, Toby Morey

Direction, Production, Script, Photography:
Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Remastered 2023
Solo exhibitions:
Are You There? Wollongong Art Gallery, 2023
Group exhibitions:
Celluloid Salon, Dendy Cinema, 2000
Attention Span, Freespace, 2002
Shapeshifters, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2023
National Film and Sound Archive