On a Queer Day You Can See Forever, 2023
large photos of sunny clear blue sky with clouds [framed in windows] 
spray Christmas mist onto windows, over a stencil, spelling out: 
[window one] on a queer day 
[window two] you can see forever

The text for this neon is taken from a 1995 entry in Daniel Mudie Cunningham’s art school journal, which notates an idea for an unrealised work, elaborated in the quoted text above. Adapted from the adage “on a clear day you can see forever” (also the title for a 1970 film starring Barbra Streisand) “on a queer day you can see forever” has been fabricated in neon for the artist's survey exhibition Are You There?.

The possibility of “forever” that looms prominently throughout Cunningham’s practice—How long is time? How many reenactments are possible?—is reimagined through simple rephrasing as a sequence of queer fragments. The “queer days” of Cunningham’s life, now symbolically luminescent and interchangeable with “clear,” are those which have retrospectively brought clarity to his configurations of time and memory. 

On a Queer Day You Can See Forever, 2023
Neon, transformers
61 x 200 cm
Edition of 3 + 1 AP
Solo exhibitions:
Are You There? Wollongong Art Gallery, 2023
Proud Mary, Manly Art Gallery, 2024
Group exhibitions:
Fishers Ghost, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2023