Fucka Duck, 2014
Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Fucka Duck, 2014
Photo: Bianca Willoughby
Performed live at the Oxford Art Factory, 29 November 2014 and presented as part of the Freefall/Alaska program, Don't Say You Miss Me on a Monday, curated by Bridie Connell.

Fucka Duck reprises TV personality Plucka Duck from Hey Hey It's Saturday as nightclub kid sensation. Dressed as Plucka, artist Daniel Mudie Cunningham performs various actions in The Cube Space of the Oxford Art Factory, inviting interactions or unexpected intervention with nightclub revellers. Fucka Duck continues works like Dog Eat Dog (2013) and Monkey Bars (2014), which force associations through music and wordplay by mixing unlikely pop songs with hungry, sexed-up plushies looking for love in all the wrong places.  
Group exhibitions:
Don't Say You Miss Me on a Monday, Oxford Art Factory, 2014