Backyard Crucifixion, 1990
Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Backyard Crucifixion, 1990
Backyard Crucifixion is an example of Daniel Mudie Cunningham's early photographic work. Daniel was taught how to take photographs and use a darkroom to print black-and-white photos at eight. Throughout his childhood, and especially in his teen years at high school, Daniel created boyhood portraits of his brothers, usually set in the backyard, influenced by surrealism, and dealing with themes of religion and reverie.

Earnest yet disturbing, this series of photos depicts the artist's brother Trevor, captured one afternoon in the derelict vacant block next door to their suburban house in 1990. Colour photographs portraying states of innocent reverie are interrupted by black-and-white images where the subject is seen carrying a cross made from fenceposts to be used for a DIY crucifixion.